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Hi and welcome to Pagan Essentials.

We created this website about a year ago - really just as a personal resource and a way of finding what information is out on the web about Paganism.  It pulls in 'random' articles, videos and ads based on the subjects of each page.

It never ceases to amaze us how much great information is to be found and we probably visit the site several times a week and always find some great inspirational videos, music, articles and info.

Of course, because of its 'randomness' there is some rubbish and irrelevant material that arrives so apologies for that!

But if you click on the page that interests you (just to the right) you'll find articles, news and questions/answers and - here's the best bit click on the "videos" tab at the top of each page and you will find a selection of great videos which change daily.

You can always find something really inspirational and interesting.

We hope you enjoy and visit us often. We are hoping to put up a Pagan Essentials blog soon so please look out for that and get involved.

Best blessings,

Nigel and Sophia


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